Time To Ship!

Shipping Details

  • Due to either the size, value, nature or origin country of your item, SellMyPCPart is unable to provide a prepaid shipping waybill.
  • It’s recommended that there is 1” of foam/padding/packing peanuts around the item.
  • Your item should be sent through a carrier of your choice with insurance to:

    5328 Calgary Trail
    Suite #1557
    Edmonton, AB T6H4J8
    REF:  [your REF#]

  • We will provide a predetermined shipping reimbursement (as part of your initial offer).
  • Use an anti-static bag. If one is not available, please contact us and we can provide one at no cost through regular mail (allow for 5 business days)


Next Steps

  • Place your item in the mail.
  • Once it’s received on our end and successfully tested, you’ll be notified. Payment will follow within 72 hours.