Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we do not have the means to sell components to the public as we currently cater to our clients. However, due to the popularity of this question, we are always reviewing the opportunity to partner or create an ecommerce site for the public to shop. If there's a specific part you're looking for, you can certainly contact us directly and we'd be happy to help if possible.

If a component fails our tests, we’ll contact you to provide two options: 1). have the item shipped back to you (on us) or 2). Depending on the component, we may provide a secondary offer for salvage value.

PC components are robust and impressive pieces of engineering, but they can also be fragile and susceptible to different conditions. It’s important to package your components safely. To do this, we recommend packing your component in a sturdy box with a minimum of 1” of padding/foam/peanut packets around it while protecting/enforcing any fans with a piece of cardboard over top. If possible, we also recommend using an anti-static bag. Don't have one? No problem! We can send one to you, but please allow an additional 5-7 business days as this will be sent through regular mail.

If you feel that the original packaging will protect the component, then yes, please do! Try to reduce any weight by removing any non-essential items such as manuals, posters or CD’s.

SellMyPCPart is ultimately in the customer service business. We excel in all aspects of our business to ensure that each one of our customers is happy with their experience! This means a seamless and effective outcome for every transaction. Payments are typically sent within 72 hours of us successfully testing your component. We are very transparent and honest with our business! Want to speak with us regarding this matter?... No problem! Feel free to contact us any time!

We’d be happy to provide an offer for items outside of Canada, but a direct shipping way bill will not be provided. We may be able to subsidize some of the cost depending on the offer and item. Contact us to get started.

All offers are valid for 3 days.

We ask for PC components to be placed in the mail within 4 days of accepting our offer. Offers may be voided if placed in the mail after this timeframe. Need more time? No problem, contact us here or respond to our offer email with any questions.

All offers are in Canadian dollars. All out-of-country offers that are being considered may be provided in alternative currencies on request.

Occasionally our emails find their way into spam/junk folders. To counteract this and ensure you get your offer in a timely fashion, we send a text message notifying you that an offer was sent via email. Your phone # is not used for marketing purposes or anything beyond this single text message.

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