Let’s Ship It!


  • Use an anti-static bag. If one is not available, please contact us and we can provide one at no cost through regular mail (allow for 5 business days)
  • It’s recommended that there is 1” of foam/padding/packing peanuts around the item.
  • Have the original box? Even better! Ship it in this box and we’ll add $5 to your offer


For your pre-paid waybill, click the button below to be transferred to CanadaPost.
NOTE: You’re filling in your shipping details and your unique offer REF#. SellMyPCPart’s details will show up once printed.


Once everything is packaged, drop it off at your local Canada Post Office.  Keep a copy of the tracking number for you personal reference, but please know we monitor all packages and tracking #’s internally. Items are shipped Expedited and should arrive within 7 business days. Once it’s received on our end and successfully tested, you’ll be notified. Payment will follow within 72 hours.

We Look Forward To Serving You!